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Chi Omega: Sisters on Purpose

At Chi Omega, we share values –– not just interests. Our members are dedicated to realizing our six purposes: friendship, community & campus involvementcareer & personal developmentservice to others, personal integrity, and academic excellence & intellectual pursuits.

Browse this page for a glimpse into our chapter and what life is like as a Chi Omega!

Six Purposes: About


Chi Omega cultivates authentic friendships that last beyond our college years. Our social calendar is packed with events that help us build strong connections with one another, from football tailgates and formals to sisterhood picnics and movie nights. It's not four years, it's for life!


Community & Campus Involvement

Chi Omegas are members of many athletic teams on campus: softball, gymnastics, track and field, rowing, and more! On top of athletics, our members are leaders in numerous campus organizations –– former ASSU presidents, PAC-12 champions, and countless club presidents are Chi Omegas. Our chapter regularly rolls out to our sisters' games, competitions, and showcases to cheer them on from the sidelines!


Career & Personal Development

Chi Omega is the largest women's fraternal organization in the world –– our network is vast and strong. Chi Omegas are members of Congress, White House press secretaries, Academy Award winning actresses, NASA astronauts, and Silicon Valley CEOs –– just to name a few! One of our favorite events is our annual Alumnae Tea, where active chapter members can network with alumnae working in their desired industry!


Service to Others

Our national philanthropic partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation began in 2002. One of our favorite philanthropy events is Chi O at the CoHo, an annual partnership where we bring dozens of Stanford musicians and performers to the CoHo stage. In turn, our favorite campus coffee shop donates a portion of proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!


Personal Integrity

Chi Omega respects all individuals. There is no place for hazing in Chi Omega.  Upholding personal integrity also means building an inclusive community. Within our chapter, we launched a dues relief fund to make membership more accessible, and regularly hold chapter-wide conversations about topics such as implicit bias. Our members are also DEI leaders in the Panhellenic community. Most recently, our Director of Diversity & Inclusion led an ISC-wide diversity book club, where actives from across Stanford's Panhellenic sororities read and discussed books written by authors from diverse backgrounds.


Academic Excellence & Intellectual Pursuits

Chi Omegas balance having fun with our scholarly obligations. Our chapter has even previously been awarded highest GPA among all Chi Omega chapters in the West & Plains region! Diverse in our academic interests, we are present in a range of majors across all of Stanford's undergraduate schools.

Six Purposes: Members
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